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Who is Chef Burke?

You may know Chef David Burke from his many guest appearances on “Top Chef”, his many books, or maybe you’ve eaten at one of his restaurants. It’s highly likely that you’ve learned of Chef Burke in a multitude of ways as his reach stretches not just across America but also internationally.

Over the years of Chef Burke’s career, he has become one of the most respected individuals in the cooking world. David, the leading pioneer in American cooking as well as being recognized internationally for his techniques, was the first American ever to win the prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Diplome d’Honneur, further proving the quality of his work.

Early Success & Future Endeavors

A New Jersey Native, David Burke went on to graduate from the Culinary Institute of America then attend Ecole Lenotre Pastry School in Plaisir, in France. What he took away from these schools would become the foundation as he developed his skills and techniques.

By the age of 26, he won the executive chef position of New York City’s famous River Café. As the years continued the acknowledgements & accolades also followed. Always looking for fresh opportunities, Burke wanted to focus on a new goal – restaurant ownership and later a hospitality company. He successfully opened multiple restaurant’s locations and his hospitality company owned and operated numerous award-winning restaurants around the country. Through it all, salt has remained a defining element in all of his work. Even while all of his restaurant success was going on, the ideas for salt were still brewing.

For the Love of Salt

Along this journey of new endeavors, Chef David Burke was always innovating with food. This led to him gaining U.S. patents for several innovations, including his famous Himalayan salt aging process for beef. This process uses Pink Himalayan salt to dry his steaks up to 100 days. Chef Burke loves salt, enjoys
experimenting with it, serving and cooking food directly on it, and even using it as décor.

Pink Himalayan salt is known as the purest salt in the world, understanding this and its properties Chef Burke saw potential to create something great. Bricks of pink salt line a room where his famous steaks rest, allowing the beef to age longer in a safe environment taking on the subtle salt flavor, and ultimately
making the beef more tender.

Chef Burke sees the beauty of the salt in general along with the health benefits – by using it as an architectural piece, serveware, cookware, and especially in his patented technique for dry aging steak. Through and through, Chef Burke is a man who views salt as a vital element in the cooking world.

Start your own journey with Chef Burke today and combine Chef David Burke’s 4-piece steak set featured on Chef’s Kiss shop, with your favorite meat cut, season it with some Pink Himalayan salt and you’ll thank us later!

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