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Elle Gourmet


Elle Gourmet Brand Story

Since 1945, the ELLE brand has changed the way women want to live their own lives, by consciously guiding them in their daily life in all aspects.

ELLE has become a synonym of “everything” to do with women, from fashion, beauty, but also lifestyle, travel, art, food, cars as well as technology. Now we bring the Elle Brands from the fashion pages of their magazine to your table and home…

Kitchen Elegance Straight from a Magazine 

Elle Gourmet products reflect a love for food and feminine lifestyle. Elle Gourmet product provides an aesthetic of healthy living through gourmet kitchen products and unique, contemporary style. Products carrying the EG brand are creative and effortlessly chic. Elle Gourmet products use clean, crisp, and colorful aesthetics, while still providing reliable quality. 

“Love of food and feminine lifestyle”

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