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Baking for your sweetheart

Love is in the air, and so is the smell of freshly baked goodies! Whether you’re going out or staying in for Valentine's day, romantic desserts are guaranteed to make you feel in love.   Most of the popular Valentine's day sweets include chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, donuts, and crème brûlée. However, adding a touch of red or pink will make any treat suitable for Valentine’s day. Before you begin baking for your sweetheart, try to create a list of their favorite desserts or baked treats. This will make it easier to narrow down your options.  Some of our favorite...

Rhubarb is the hottest ingredient of the year

Rhubarb seems to be everywhere in the last year in dishes, cocktails and more. Well, there is a good reason! Rhubarb is sour and tart on its own, which enables it to act as a flavor complement to many other seasonal ingredients. For example, in the summer, it can give added depth to sauces for red meats, but then it allows for layers of flavor when mixed with cranberries in the winter. Ibrahim also says that rhubarb is also great to be used with a blank canvas of white meats like turkey, chicken, duck breast or a roasted pork tenderloin...

Cooking at home? Make your meals a little more lux

Whether a home cook pro or a novice, sometimes a meal doesn’t come out as flavorful as predicted. While it could be a variety of things, upgrading some of the staple goods used to infuse flavor into a meal — like salt and butter — can take any dish from good to great.       Good olive oil: Don’t settle for the cheap stuff. By adding a high-quality olive oil to your pantry, you can make even the most simple dish taste better. With so many different craft brands out there, like Corto and Enzo, look for something that’s...

The Best Way To Clean Your Cookware – Even If It’s Burned

It’s one of the things that can ruin date night, a family meal or even your budget — a burned dinner. But, something burned food won’t have to ruin is your cookware. While some cookware is easy to clean – even when you think there is no way that burned on crusty gross mess is coming off – some require a little more elbow grease. However, no matter what type of cookware you have, it can be salvaged.    Non-stick cookware: For anything non-stick, including ceramic and even cast enamel, this should be an easy fix. Non-stick cookware has plenty...

Entertaining? Here’s how to pick the best wine

Hosting an in-home gathering, while fun, is still full of stress points. A menu needs to be chosen, the dwelling needs to be cleaned and food needs to be prepped and prepared. And, of course, the appropriate adult beverages will need to be selected.     While it may be easy to put out a spread and let guest pick what they want, from cocktails to wine, it’s not always economical to purchase different booze and mixers. It is also elegant to be able to offer guests a beautiful bottle of wine that pairs perfectly with your meal.  High-quality wines...