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Seasonal Ingredients: The Case For Rhubarb

While all vegetables should have a seat at the table, there are only a handful which can touch on all of the tastebuds. Enter rhubarb, the herbaceous perennial that is neither short on flavor or usage. It goes from sweet to savory easily, and adds a welcome sour flavor and pretty color to savory sauces, chutneys and reductions Rhubarb is sour and tart on its own, which enables it to act as a flavor complement to many other seasonal ingredients. For example, in the summer, it can give added depth to sauces for red meats, but then it allows for...

Fish Isn’t So Hard To Cook – Here’s How To Get It Right

When you go to a restaurant, the fish dishes always seem better there. Elevated flavors; crispy skin and just the right amount of sauce. But at home, it’s hard to achieve the very same results. Many times, resolving to bake fish is the easiest solution, but definitely not the most flavorful!   However, with only just a few steps, you can create delicious fish dishes at home. All you need is your favorite type of fish, a hot pan and some technique.   Set it up: For best results, use fresh, wild-caught fish. However, if it’s not available to you,...

Lamb Is Having A Moment. Here’s How To Cook It.

Lamb may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about what’s for dinner. Sure, beef, pork and chicken are more natural selections, but when cooked just right, you’ll be dreaming about lamb. Used in many dishes from the Middle East, Mediterranean and Latin America, lamb can be a very inspiring cut of meat to work with as it lends itself well to lots of different flavors. So many that you will never get bored of cooking up some lamb!  ~ Wary of trying to cook lamb on your own? With a few simple steps, you...

Here Are Four Easy Ways To Maintain Your Knives

You’ve done it – you finally invested in some high-quality knives! And you’re going to want to keep those knives looking and feeling like new for as long as you can. Well, the good news here is that with proper maintenance, you can!   Here are some easy tips to help you get the most mileage out of your kitchen workhorse.       Keep them sharp: Did you know that one of the most dangerous kitchen tools is a dull knife? Contrary to popular belief, a properly sharpened knife causes less accidents in the kitchen than those that are...

A Summer Treat To Beat The Heat? Try Yogurt Popsicles

~ While cravings for sweet treats can happen year-round, there is something about summer that seems to make those cravings come out to play even more. But, with a simple swap, you can create a treat that curbs your sweet tooth but is actually good for you, too. We’re talking about a yogurt popsicle!  ~ Not only can these be made without an ice cream maker, but they can be customized to fit your favorite flavors, too. Start with yogurt as the base, mix in some vanilla, honey or sea salt, if desired, and then pick some of your favorite...