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Chef Maeve 

Owner and Executive Chef

"Cooking is my soul's desire; eating is my heart's calling."


Meet Chef Maeve

Her inspiring story 

Originally from Cincinnati, Chef Maeve attended college at Boston University competing with their Division 1 rowing team, landing a “One to Watch” spot in Women’s Sports Illustrated. It was there she was diagnosed with Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN). MPGN causes inflammation of the capillaries that filter waste in the kidneys and can lead to renal failure or even death in some cases. Maeve suffers from Type II, a rare and more aggressive form of the disease.

For many people, this kind of diagnosis would be devastating. But Chef Maeve hasn’t let it get her down. She’s channeled the negativity of her circumstance into a fiery, can-do spirit that drives her to push for more every day in both her personal and professional endeavors. In 2015, she won Season 2 of Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship launching her into a new career as a popular celebrity chef.

Since her win, she’s competed on Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship Homecoming Special, Beat Bobby Flay, and appeared on Kids Baking Championship. She was also named “Irish Woman of the Year” by the Irish Congress in 2017.

Chef Maeve Rochford, Owner and Executive Chef of Sugar and Scribe Restaurant & Bakery and Food Network Star, isn’t your average chef. Her spirited personality and deep passion for both cooking and baking are one-of-a-kind, and her fans love it.

The award-winning bakery is also a from-scratch daily labor of love preparing breads, pastries, sweets and specialty cakes. In addition to the perfect dessert or to-go treat, Chef Maeve is a highly sought-after designer of wedding and special occasion cakes.

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