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Elegant With a Hint of Rebellion

Elegant with a hint of rebellion, this is the best way to describes Nicole Miller’s design philosophy. Her love for fashion began at a young age as her French-born Mother was a fashion enthusiast herself. This would later lead Nicole down the fashion industry path as she began her training at the Rhode Island School of Design, and later following her mother’s cultural roots to the Chambre Syndicale De La Haute Couture in Paris, France. It was Rhode Island that gave her the ability to blossom her sense of creativity and freedom
while Paris gave her mastery of the classic French Techniques which you can see shine true in all of her work to date. The result being tasteful yet sophisticated designs using great color and innovation throughout her projects.


Industry Leader

Nicole has always been a leader in popularizing new techniques and fabrics, such as recycled denim and plant-based fabrics. A passion for protecting the natural environment Nicole has partnered with multiple environmental organizations and causes. In fall 2019 Nicole Miller’s runway collection had a focus centered around sustainability. Using existing clothing items, she and her team were able to create something fresh, she even upcycled vintage goods and revived them with a new look.

Nicole’s innovation and ability to support environmental causes in such a tough industry is a testament to the foundation she lied down back in 1982 when the Nicole Miller Brand first launched. Nicole was always an early adopter in the world of sustainability. Miller began experimenting with sustainable materials that could work as fabrics back in the Nineties. She ended up creating a winter fleece that was made from recycled soda bottles. Now in 2021, Nicole continues to make waves in the fashion industry all while managing the new
structure of how people communicate and receive information online.

Innovation Through the Years

With over 30 years of being a leading figure in the industry, Nicole Miller’s success has led her to branch out into other avenues beyond clothing. She has been able to work on expanding her innovation across multiple industries, including accessories and houseware products. Within housewares, you can find the Nicole Miller name on items like cutlery, tea kettles, beverageware, cookware and more.

She is one of the featured designers on Chef’s Kiss! 

Living in a social media world has changed aspects of business for all industries. Working in the fashion industry is no different, and Nicole understood this with the rise of social media. In her ability to innovate she created a powerful presence on social, keeping her on top of the competition and ahead of the curve.

Lasting Imprint

One of the best pieces of advice Nicole Miller has for young entrepreneurs comes from an interview from entrepreneurship.com “You have to be resilient and focused. And you have to have your own identity.” Understanding this can help many young designers blaze their own path to success as there is no one size fits all when it comes to fashion. Looking at Nicole’s career she found and took two passions, fashion and sustainability, and created a successful and distinct brand. Finding ways to set yourself apart, while maintaining your core values, has led to the Nicole Miller brand to leave a lasting imprint on this industry.

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