Exceptional products sealed with a kiss by the celebrities and chefs that designed them.




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Chef's Kiss is Born


The Chef’s Kiss brand was inspired by the original concept of the chef’s kiss. Born from the Italian gesture al bacio, literally meaning “kiss” but with a sense of “excellence.” A Chef perform this kiss when a dish has passed their quality test and it is deemed in their minds absolutely perfect.



Working off this sense of excellence, Chef’s Kiss was developed to promote high quality products brought to you by top chef’s, designers, and celebrities. Holding true to this we aim to offer unique and fashion forward products that hold a high-quality standard. Chef’s Kiss offers exceptional products sealed with a kiss by the chef’s and celebrities that designed them!

The Chef’s Kiss brand team wants every chef to love their experience and there’s no better place to start than with your own essential tools. The chef’s, designers, and celebrities we partner with are hands on in the kitchen themselves and expect the finest tools as they cook, and this is exactly what we look to offer you with each of their collections.

Each collection will give you a sense of connection to our chef’s, celebrities, and designers.


Collaborations & Collections

In order to bring these unique high-quality products to market, we first had to partner with key notable figures that truly connect with our brand message. The first two being Chef David Burke and Nicole Miller.

Under the Chef’s Kiss brand both of these amazing individuals will be sharing their creations. Check out these collections today along with our guides and recipes. Be on the lookout for additional chef’s, designers, and celebrities that will have featured collections on Chef’s Kiss coming soon!!

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