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Here Are Four Easy Ways To Maintain Your Knives

You’ve done it – you finally invested in some high-quality knives! And you’re going to want to keep those knives looking and feeling like new for as long as you can. Well, the good news here is that with proper maintenance, you can!


Here are some easy tips to help you get the most mileage out of your kitchen workhorse.




Keep them sharp: Did you know that one of the most dangerous kitchen tools is a dull knife? Contrary to popular belief, a properly sharpened knife causes less accidents in the kitchen than those that are not. Try slicing up a turkey or roast with a dull knife, and you’ll know exactly what we mean. You should commit to regular sharpening by yourself or a professional, as well as using a honing steel in-between those sharpenings.



Wash by hand: While you can feel free to follow the directions of the manufacturer, it turns out that one way to clean your knives will better help them stay sharper for longer. According to experts, hand-washing is usually recommended to maintain sharpness and prevent handles and rivets from being damaged from the cleaning agents or heat of a dishwasher.




Prevent rust: After you wash your knife, there is a second step to ensure you’re going to keep it from not only going dull, but also rusting. This step is drying. You must completely dry your knives immediately after rinsing and washing. Additionally, never soak your knives, either. The exposure to the water could spell disaster!


Use proper cutting boards: Your cutting board plays a crucial role in helping your knives both stay at the ready and better do their job. While plastic cutting boards are great for meat and fish, wood cutting boards are the best your knives. Additionally, high-quality and heftier boards are the easiest on cutlery, as they provide enough give while a knife is slicing, dicing and chopping away.



Store correctly: It may seem insignificant, but being able to store your knife the correct way can also lead to a longer life for these kitchen workhorses. Whether you use a magnetic, wall-mounted strip, drawer insert, or knife block, be sure that the knife’s blade is not rubbing along the surface and that the knife is not sitting on its tip.


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