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The Best Way To Clean Your Cookware – Even If It’s Burned

It’s one of the things that can ruin date night, a family meal or even your budget — a burned dinner. But, something burned food won’t have to ruin is your cookware. While some cookware is easy to clean – even when you think there is no way that burned on crusty gross mess is coming off – some require a little more elbow grease. However, no matter what type of cookware you have, it can be salvaged. 


  • Non-stick cookware: For anything non-stick, including ceramic and even cast enamel, this should be an easy fix. Non-stick cookware has plenty of properties in it to help alleviate stuck-on food in the first place, however, accidents can happen. For these types of cookware, baking soda and boiling water can be a lifesaver. Just boil a quart of water and then add in two tablespoons of baking soda. Let simmer a bit and use to wipe out the pan. While this process may have to be repeated, this really will work! Rinse with hot water and completely dry before putting it away. 
  • Cast iron: A bit more tricky to clean is cast iron goods. But, the best part about this pan is that it can stand up to the maintenance. Scraping the pan with a metal spatula or chain mail scrubber will help get the layers of burned food off; then rinse the pot with warm water and soap and wipe out with a sponge. Dry completely before storage. 
  • Stainless Steel: There is a reason that stainless steel cookware is the chosen cookware of professional chefs, as they can take a licking and keep on ticking. To clean this cookware, all you need is a good dish soap and a sponge or cloth that has one side with course texture. Or, go heavy duty with a powdered stainless steel cleaner, followed by a wash with dish soap and a good dry. 

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