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December's Delicious Holidays!

December is here, and it's not just about holiday decorations—it's also a month full of tasty treats! Get ready for a lineup of fun food holidays that are sure to make your December extra sweet.

National Cookie Day - 12/5/2023

We kick off the month with National Cookie Day! Whether you like classic chocolate chip or something different like gingerbread, this is the day to bake up your favorite cookies. Share them with loved ones or enjoy them all yourself!

National Pastry Day -12/9/2023

Just a few days later, on December 9th, we celebrate National Pastry Day. Treat yourself to buttery, flaky pastries. From croissants to Danish pastries, there's something for everyone.

National Maple Syrup Day - 12/17/2023

On December 17th, we celebrate the sweet magic of maple syrup! Drizzle it on pancakes, waffles, or French toast for a delicious breakfast treat.

National Candy Cane Day - 12/26/2023

After Christmas, on December 26th, take it easy with National Candy Cane Day. These red and white peppermint treats aren't just for decorating trees—they're a tasty snack all by themselves.

National Champagne Day - 12/31/2023

On December 31st, as we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome the new year, why not celebrate with a glass of bubbly? National Champagne Day is the perfect time to toast to new beginnings!

So, get ready for a month of tasty celebrations! Whether you're baking cookies, enjoying pastries, drizzling syrup, crunching candy canes, or toasting with champagne, December is a month full of delicious moments meant to be shared with loved ones. Happy Holidays and Enjoy!


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